Modibodi partners with Canopy to nurture nature

Modibodi partners with Canopy to nurture nature

The best time to stop logging our precious ancient forests was 150 years ago. The second best time is now.

Every year, over 3.2 billion trees in an area the size of Germany are destroyed to create paper packaging and materials like rayon. Our planet’s beautiful forests have been turned into everything from clothes to Friday night take-outs. The ripples of despair are everywhere we look.

That’s why we’re over the moon to partner with Canopy, a powerful not-for-profit blazing the path of sustainability.

Who is Canopy?

For over 20 years, Canopy has championed the bliss of our natural environment. Dedicated to creating solutions and using technology to streamline the sustainability of our supply chains, Canopy is breaking boundaries in the realm of environmental activism.

Collaborating with over 750 international brands, business leaders, scientists and decision-makers to forge a fairer future for all, Modibodi is bloody stoked to be joining the ranks.

What’s the go?
Here at Modibodi, sustainability is our bread and butter. From making waves with our world-first biodegradable undies, to sourcing resources responsibly, giving back to the planet that gives us life has always been our focus. Providing the world with eco-friendly, long-lasting period and leak preventatives has long been how we’ve made our impact. But we can always do better, and Canopy is going to hold our hand the whole way there.

We’re ready to commit to keeping our trees standing solid, where they are, as nature intended. With the help of Canopy and their brilliant ‘Pack4Good’ campaign, we have the power to take our forests out of our supply chain.

Currently, Modibodi uses FSC recyclable paper packaging. Although this is a step in the right direction, our knickers are still shipped at the stake of nature. Moving forward, we’ll be delivering our beloved leak-free lovelies wrapped in next-generation materials, derived from waste instead.

Pack4Good asks industry leaders (including the team at Modibodi) to think outside-the-box for their packaging needs. The solutions and technologies spearheaded by Canopy offer mind-blowing alternatives to flattening our forests – think alternative fibres made with agricultural waste products and everything in between!

With Pack4Good, we’ll feel proud to send your goodies in strong, versatile packaging that takes the pressure off our forests, lowers carbon emissions and supports a circular economy.

What does this have to do with periods?
To put it simply, everything. When we tune into our menstrual cycles and remember the fact that we are nature ourselves, it’s hard to turn a cheek to sustainability. If the beautiful nature that’s given rise to the protective panties we wear falls apart, there’s no point in trudging forward. If we don’t have a happy and healthy planet, we have nothing.

Right now, it’s crunch time. Climate breakdown is steaming ahead quicker than we’d love to believe. Scientists are urging the global community to act on forest conservation and restoration, which is only being worsened by our heavy-handed approach to buying and consuming thoughtless products.

We want to pioneer change here at Modibodi, and we are so grateful that Canopy is helping us every step of the way.

What can you do?

We rely on nature to survive – but now, we need to have nature’s back.

Here’s a few potent actions you can take to do your part in saving our earth’s ancient forests:

  • Get in touch with companies you love and ask them about their packaging and fabric policies – Canopy would love to partner with them.
  • Think consciously about the things you buy, including clothing and single-use packaging
  • Rave on and reduce, reuse, recycle!
  • Buy forest-friendly products
  • Learn about the incredible Next Generation Innovators who are championing new and innovative solutions to re-using different types of waste!
  • Learn more about our world’s ancient and endangered forests
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