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The Everyday Modern Wonder Woman; you!

Image sourced from DC Films

The idea of the modern woman holds many different meanings for women around the globe. To Michelle Obama, it means recognising that, "there is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”  To the Modibodi team, it means being a warrior who celebrates the unstoppable nature of the modern day woman.

Women are unstoppable. The many roles a woman plays throughout her life require constant support; from a Mother and a lover to a caretaker and an educator. It’s time for women to recognise that they can unapologetically be themselves and deal with the unmentionables so many of us neglect to talk about.

It's time to introduce underwear that protects you from the common issues that ‘that time of the month’ brings up. Women from all walks of life deal with leaking, odour and sweat, so it is time to stop worrying and start acting.   

Modibodi is an underwear line designed by a woman for women. This line of leak-proof life changing underwear puts an end to the embarrassing little mishaps, that as women we can experience and provides a fail-safe backup to your current hygiene products or even a total replacement! 

Stop worrying about sweat, odour, discharge, light bladder spots/leaks, menstrual onset/spotting, menstrual flow, or breast milk leaks and enjoy the freshness and comfort of Modibodi underwear.

Modibodi undies are designed with superior comfort in mind, with two patented high-performing gussets protecting you from stains, moisture and unwanted odour.    

It’s time to life-proof your underwear. Modibodi is designed to empower, support and cater to your individual needs. With styles ranging from Active, Sensual, Sassy , Classic and Curvy there’s a product for every single woman. Next gen Wonder women are also including with our recently released Girls range , Modibodi is the best underwear for the modern women.

Modibodi supports the modern day woman who wants to protect the environment and feel strong and confident in her own skin. Unleash your inner warrior and forget about the mundane worries that come with ‘that time of the month’. It’s time to support the every day, Wonder Woman, you!

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