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Modibodi and Menstrual Cups: The Perfect Pair

Earth Day was a few days ago which got us thinking about all the different ways we can be friends of the earth and play our part in sustainability. In the words of the Earth Day Organisation, "Education is the foundation for progress" which couldn't be more true, we all know how much Modibodi loves education on important topics! The only way to empower the public and inspire action is through education and learning not only about the issues, but how to proactively and effectively solve them.

The theme for Earth Day 2017 was promoting environmental literacy and knowledge of the best practices for our Earth, so this blog is all about achieving this in Menstrual Education.

As an eco-friendly product, Modibodi strives to be at the forefront of innovation and revolutionary technology to ensure our garments are sustainable. One of the ways we achieve this is by reducing the need for disposable, one-use products such as pads and tampons. These products are detrimental to the environment, with each woman in her lifetime contributing 120kg of landfill in pads and tampons alone, and thats just one woman!

Modibodi has partnered with the Australian menstrual cup provider JuJu which means they are produced locally and are TGA approved.

JuJu cup has a variety of environmental benefits, just watch their short infographic here if you don't believe us! The cups are made from Silicone which have an endless list of benefits including an increased efficiency, better and longer lasting performance and a reduction in carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions. (JuJu) 

Switching to a  menstrual cup doesn't only benefit the environment, but also your body and wallet! The JuJu cup doesn't contain any harmful substances such as chlorine, BPA or fragrances and is hypoallergenic and suited to people with latex allergies or sensitive skin. It is odour free, can be worn 2-3 times longer than a tampon (up to 12 hours!) and is absorption agent free which means it doesn't cause vaginal dryness. Not only this, but did you know that you could be spending up to $3,300 in your lifetime on disposable products? With proper care, JuJu cups last several years and save you hundreds of dollars!  

Australian Made Menstrual Cups  Image Source (JuJu)  

We don't want to toot the menstrual cup horn too loudly, and we completely understand that these can be a very weird and scary concept that can be difficult to embrace at first. The cleaning process can be a little difficult, particularly when you're out and about or in the work bathrooms, but just remember that the cup can be replaced every 12 hours. This means you can work the 8 hours of a 9-5 job without having to think about cleaning it, which can be done when you arrive home.

Getting the right fit is also important, and JuJu cup have two different sizes based on your childbearing status. The Cup 1 size is for women who haven't had a vaginal birth and the cup 2 size is for women who have.  

Step by Step Insertion Guide

Image Source (New Health Advisor)


Inserting your menstrual cup 

One of the biggest concerns among many women is how to actually insert and remove the menstrual cup. If you've been using pads and tampons then the thought of the cup can seem a little daunting at first, but it's actually quite simple once you become more familiar with it.

  1. Firstly, ensure you have washed your hands with warm and soapy water to kill off any germs, and then wash the JuJu cup under the running water as its easier to insert when wet.
  2. Fold the JuJu into a C-shape which is achieved by squeezing the sides together with both hands. If this sounds a little confusing, you can watch a 'How To' video here.
  3. The next step is to insert the cup towards the base of the spine at a slight angle (similar to how you'd insert a tampon). You can insert it from a squatting or kneeling position, whichever is most comfortable and best suited to your body.
  4. Stop the insertion when the cup and stem are no longer visible and voila! Remember to wash your hands with soap after insertion as well.

    Modibodi Period Pack, Sensual Hi Waist, JuJu Cup  

Modibodi and menstrual cups go together like pilates and our active brief, they're just the perfect match! If your flow is a little on the heavier side, or you're just looking for that extra peace of mind, then use a menstrual cup along with your Modibodis in any absorbency level. Our beloved period pack includes 2 pairs of Sensual Hi Waists in Black to make you feel extra special during your period. The luxuriously soft, breathable fabric compliments the comfortable, slimline JuJu cup perfectly and leaves you feeling so confident and worry free that you wont even remember you have your period! Now thats a feeling we can definitely all enjoy.

The best news of all is that our much loved and extremely popular Period Pack is now back in stock and available online, so be quick! [embed_popupally_pro popup_id="11"]

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