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How Period Underwear Changed My Cycle

Beck is a 33 year-old mum of two from South East Melbourne, she has suffered from 'crap cycles and stupid long periods' for as long as she can remember. Three months ago she hesitantly gave Modibodi a go and it has now transformed her cycle and how she views on periods, here's her story. 

I have always had nasty periods, but can I let you in on a little experiment I have been doing.⁠

For the passed 3 months I have been using the Modibodi period undies. And yes I was completely unsure at first. I wasn't sure how they would wear, would I feel like I was wearing a pad 24/7, would they smell, would they feel bulky?

But after 3 months I can honestly say I am converted!⁠
I have found them to be simple, non bulky, comfortable, I haven't noticed any odour, and they are super easy to wash and care for. But the best part...⁠

Guys I am having NORMAL periods (now yes I have changed some diet factors, and changed some ways we live day to day life) But I HONESTLY believe that this has had an impact on my periods! I can't begin to think about what effects tampons have had on my cycle. ⁠

I've told all my friends about them and initially they had questions and hesitations but now they are buying them too. 


Beck - @the.imperfect.fam


Have you recently made the switch to period undies and noticed a difference? Get in touch on our socials and let us know!



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