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  • What are period underwear? We answer your questions!

    Thinking about trying period underwear? Got your first pair and not sure what to do next? We get it. Making the move to something new can be a bit confusing, so we’re answering your FAQs. From ‘do they feel wet?’ to ‘how many will I need?’ to ‘how do I wash them?’, we’ve got you covered.  

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  • I’d never even heard of endometriosis before I was diagnosed

    Menstrual cycles can be an emotionally sensitive time for some, for others their cycle brings discomfort and heaviness and then there’s comedian Zoe Sitas. A long-time sufferer of endometriosis, Zoe’s diagnosis was only the start of her journey with this complex health condition. Here Zoe shares their journey to diagnosis and treatment – and their message that ‘nobody knows your body better than you do’... 

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  • Mythbusters: 19 period myths we’re putting to bed

    Periods are normal, natural and nothing to be afraid…or ashamed of. But with so many myths and stories around, it’s easy to see why you people might feel anxious or confused about them, especially in cultures where talking periods is taboo. 

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  • Activists That Inspire Us - Tiara De Silva

    At Modibodi, the future of the planet is important to us.  Our commitment to being more sustainable – and helping you do it too – is our number one priority. During January we’ve been highlighting activists from around the world who inspire us to do better, and learning about their experiences campaigning for a better planet.
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  • Your Menstrual Cycle Explained!

    Your menstrual cycle is not just about your period bleed. In fact, your period bleed is only a small part of the menstrual cycle. There are other cycle phases to be aware of. If you have a period, then on any given day you are in one phase or another of the menstrual cycle. There are 4 menstrual cycle phases
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  • I Don't Have My Period Yet - Is That Normal?

    Waiting for your first period. You want it because your friends have theirs and you feel like a bit of an outsider without it, but then part of you isn’t desperate for it because it sounds like a bit of a hassle (less so with Modibodi RED by the way – even swimming lessons are sorted 😊) But how do you know what’s normal, or when to see a doctor?  
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  • Choose To Reuse - Alice Forrest

    We love supporting like minded people! Alice Forrest is a marine biologist and wildlife guide, with a passion for the natural world and the creatures who inhabit it. As a researcher but also a Divemaster & freediver, she’s a firm believer in the need to communicate the science as well as the intrinsic value of the ocean and what’s beneath the surface. Find out why she chooses to reuse with Modibodi. 

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  • Activists That Inspire Us

    New year, new sustainable you. We all know resolutions are hard to uphold, but when it's about changing the world, it's a promise worth keeping! This year, our commitments to being even more sustainable and helping you be sustainable too, is our number one priority.
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  • The International Day of Persons with Disabilities

    December 3rd is International Day of People Living with Disability. It’s a day that recognizes and values disability and diversity. It is a day to learn from the experiences of people living with a disability and when the disabled community raises awareness of the issues that are important to them, as well as having control over the ways their stories are told. Inclusivity and celebrating diverse bodies has always been at the core of Modibodi's vision and today we celebrate this community! 
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  • Ending Period Stigma

     Ending Period Stigma. We've come a long way recently with things like more honesty in advertising, better products (like Modibodi!) and movements that open up conversations to the public. However, period stigma is still a huge issue across the globe, especially with some cultures still banishing those on their period from their community. Simran comes from an Indian background and has experienced culturally oppressive views on periods and has witnessed how menstruation has changed throughout the different generations.
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