Reusable Nappies 101 | How to get started 

Reusable Nappies 101 | How to get started 

So you’ve decided to ditch the disposables and make the move to reusable nappies? Or you’re on the fence?

We get it. You’re worried about convenience, absorption, washing...just how much effort it will be.

It’s time to forget what you know about cloth nappies – white terry, safety pins and scrubbing – and rethink reusables because we’ve made them easier, better (and clever) to make sustainable living simpler. Because parenthood is anything but.

Here’s everything you need to know to choose to reuse. It’s a change you can feel good about. Better for baby, better for the planet (and better for your budget!)


How many will I need?

First, work out how often you want to use reusable nappies:

  • Part-time use (2-3 per day): 8 to 12 Modibodi reusable nappies
  • Full-time day use (4-6 per day): 12 to 24 Modibodi reusable nappies
  • Full-time day and night use: (6-8 per day): 24 to 30 Modibodi reusable nappies

This is based on doing a load every second day with a couple of spare nappies so you’ll never be caught short.

  1. Having a selection of boosters will also help you get the most from your nappy stash, and each 4-pack of our reusable nappies comes with four boosters for extra absorption in overnight nappies, or for heavy wetters when you’re out and about.

To spread the cost of your nappy stash over a period of time, many people start buying reusable nappies bit by bit during pregnancy or popping them onto their wishlist for a baby shower or new baby gift register (after all, you can only have so many musical mobiles). And remember, once you have your stash, there will be no more late-night dashes to the supermarket for disposables.


How do I fit the reusable nappy?

Our reusable nappy has a simple all-in-one design (like a disposable nappy) which makes it super easy to use.

Here’s how it’s done:

Adjust: Shorten nappy and tighten in the leg by snapping the press studs together for the perfect fit.

Protect: Lay nappy open flat. If using a booster/s or liner for added protection, lay these on top.

Fit: Lay baby on the open nappy, ensuring the bottom is positioned with enough coverage at the back. Pull front panel up to sit just below the belly button. Adjust tabs to close.

Check: Ensure lining is flat against body and leg elastics are comfortably sitting in baby’s underwear line with no gaps. Check that the waistband and elastics are snug but not too tight, especially when baby is sitting.

Need extra absorbency or protection for long naps, overnight or for older babies and toddlers? Just add one or two of our Reusable Nappy Boosters inside the nappy (lay the nappy flat, add the booster/s, then lay baby on top).

Want to make managing solids simpler? Our Biodegradable Bamboo Nappy Liners can be laid next to baby’s bottom inside the nappy to catch solids while letting wee be absorbed into the nappy. That way, come change time, you can just lift the liner, pop the poo in the loo, then send the soiled liner to your compost (or rubbish) bin. The worms will thank you.

How does your sizing work?

We’ve kept things simple with a One Size Fits Most design which has been tested to fit babies from 5kg to 18kg. The adjustable fit – press studs and hook and loop tape - means the nappy can grow with baby, and you can hand it down to any future siblings, family or friends.

How often do I need to change the reusable nappy?

The recommendation for changing reusable nappies is the same as for changing disposable nappies. Change before or after each feed (every few hours), or as soon as the nappy has been soiled. A fresh nappy for overnight and again when baby wakes up in the morning are also a good idea (because they all sleep through the night, right😊)


What other equipment do I need to use reusable nappies?

Dry Pail

While you’re waiting to wash your nappies, we recommend ‘dry pailing’ your reusable nappies. Wondering what that is? Basically it means rinsing or scraping any solids from soiled nappies then popping them, and any wet nappies, into a ‘dry pail’. This is just a storage basket with holes for air flow. An old-school laundry basket (with or without a lid) will do the job because you can wipe it clean, it won’t rust and you can keep using it long after baby’s out of nappies. It’s not like they’ll never soil their undies...!

Reusable Nappy Bag

Wet bags are our number one recommendation for any cloth nappy family. Our wet bags are made with the same waterproof fabric as our nappy shells to make transporting cloth nappies simple and smell-free when you’re out and about. Even better, it has loop fastening to attach to your pram.

Biodegradable Bamboo Nappy Liners

If you don’t want to touch number twos, our mess-free Biodegradable Bamboo Nappy Liners are great to have at your change table. Simply lay a liner on top of the nappy, peel off at change time to dispose of solids, then pop the liner into your compost, or rubbish bin.

Clothes line

To hang our reusable nappies to dry you’ll need an outdoor clothes line, or a portable clothes horse if you’re in an apartment, drying on the balcony or for rainy days – please don’t tumble dry.


If once you get started you find your reusable nappy is leaking, there are two likely causes:

  • If your nappy and/or booster is saturated at change time, try changing baby more frequently, or add an additional booster – you can use up to two at a time with our Reusable Nappy design.
  • If your nappy’s lining or inserted booster is dry or just damp and the nappy is leaking, you’ve likely got a fit issue. Try adjusting the press studs and hook and loop fasteners for a more secure fit, and check that the nappy leg elastics aren’t tucked up or twisted.

So, are you ready to give it a go?

Browse our cute, collective Reusable Nappy designs now and make a change you can feel good about.

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